Short Description of abirein®LC11 disinfectant cleaner

abirein®LC11 disinfectant cleaner (PH- value 5,5 to 6,6)

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in the same time.
One litre of the disinfection cleaner to 9 litres of water is used to clean and disinfect floors and all kind of surfaces.
The product is based on the highly effective acidic abirein®liquid+.

Details abirein®LC11 disinfectant cleaner

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in the same time.

abirein®LC11 disinfectant cleaner kills bacteria such as:
Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus, Enterococcus faecalis, S. Thyphimuri-um, Shigella flexneri, TBC, HBV (Hepatitis), MSRA, EHEC etc.


Dilution for normal application:
0.5 liters to 9 liters of water abirein®LC11 disinfectant cleaner.
Dilution under heavy use: 1 liter of abirein®LC11 disinfectant cleaner to 9 liters of water.

Not suitable for marble, limestone or aluminum surfaces.
Do not mix with other cleaning products

INGREDIENTS (According to the German Detergents Regulation):
Water (Aqua), Sodiumchloride, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, under 10% nonionic tensides.
PH - value from 5,5 to 7

All ingredients are rapidly and completely biodegradable!

BAuA- Nr.: N- 42228

ORDERING INFORMATION abirein®LC11 disinfection cleaner

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