Short Description abirein®liquid

The highly effective disinfectant abirein®liquid+ we offer you in form of a water dilutable concentrate for a variety of disinfection applications and as an already diluted abirein®liquid surface disinfectant (for immediate use).

abirein®liquid Disinfectants can be used anywhere where bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae or spores threatening the health of humans and animals. Such as:

Effective preventive or fighting a contamination of food, fruit, drinking water etc.

If clean and sterile zones are important

Fighting and preventing epidemic deseases affecting human or animal life.

abirein®liquidDisinfectant kills bacteria such as:
Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus, Enterococcus faecalis, S. Thyphimuri-um, Shigella flexneri, TBC, HBV (Hepatitis), MSRA, EHEC etc.

All our disinfection and cleaning products are environmentally friendly and totally biodegradeble.

Product Details abirein®liquid

abirein®liquid+ DISINFECTANT CONCENTRATE (ph-level 2.5     to 2.8)
can be diluted with water to suit any disinfecting application.
The product is also suitable for the disinfection of drinking water or swimming pool water.



abirein®liquid+ is an acidic aqueous liquid containing germ-killing oxidants, and is produced in an electrochemical process.

abirein®liquid+ CONCENTRATE has a ph-level of 2.5 to 2.8 and has to be diluted with water depending onthe contamination or the disinfecting application. It is also possible to purchase the product abirein®liquid surface disinfectant for direct application in the surface disinfection.

All known bacteria, viruses, fungi or other harmful micro organisms coming in contact with the abirein®liquid+ are instantly eradicated by destroying the cell membranes of the organisms. It is impossible for any microorganism to become resistant to the abirein®liquid+,because the microorganisms are destroyed by a physical process.

abirein®liquid+ is free from alcohol, phosphates, tensides and formaldehydes and is fully bio-degradable, leaving no harmful substances.n


The product abirein®liquid+ CONCENTRATE has a ph- level of 2.5 to 2.8. To maximise a storage time,abirein®liquid+should always be filled in non transparent, well closed plastic bottles or containers made from PET.
abirein®liquid+ will keep effective for up to 12 month when filled in PET containers and stored dark at temperatures between -10 to +25.
abirein®liquid+ filled up in plastic bottles made out of HDPE should be used up within 6 month, because the active, disinfecting oxidants are released more rapidly.  
High temperatures of 30 to 40°C would also decrease the strength of the product. Under these circumstances the product must be filled into PET bottles and be used within 8 month.                                           


abirein®liquid+ is sensitive to UV light and should not be exposed to bright light or sun light over longer periods of time. Store in a dark room.
abirein®liquid+ should never be stored in metal containers or come into contact with metal objects such as mixers, funnels etc. Metal and strong UV light decreases the disinfectant properties of abirein®liquid+ rendering it eventually non-effective.

INGREDIENTS (According to the German Detergents Regulation):

Water (Aqua), Sodiumchloride, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide.
PH - value from 2.5 to 2.8

All ingredients are rapidly and completely biodegradable!

BAuA- Nr.: N- 42228


  • Hospitals, clinics, homes for the aged
  • Hotels, schools, public buildings
  • Cleaning service companies
  • All sanitary areas such as toilets, bathrooms shower cabins etc
  • Sport and wellness facilities
  • Swimming pools, saunas, solar studios
  • Airports, ships and trains
  • Abattoirs, fish markets
  • Dairies, breweries, fruit juice plants
  • Food processing companies, catering  
  • Animal husbandry, poultry farms and egg production
  • Veterinary facilities
  • Disinfection of drinking water
  • Plant and vegetable cultivation
  • Disinfecting the harvest of fruit, vegetables and seeds
  • For central watering systems in  hot houses
  • Can be used in manufacturing disinfecting products

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